legal request

legal request

Sued by Debt Collectors – How to Do Some Basic Legal Research

Posted on February 6, 2019 in Uncategorized

If you are being sued on a debt by a debt collector, you may need to do some legal research and write some “motions.” Motions are the way you ask the Judge to take some action such as dismissing the case, or forcing the debt collector to give you some information you have requested. It is actually very easy to find most of the research you need already done, and you can also easily find the forms you need to follow. All this material is at the court, and it isn’t hard to find or use.

If you Need to Answer the Petition

The first document you will confront as a defendant in a debt suit is the “Complaint” or “Petition.” This is the document which says you owe the company money and why. If you look at a few of them, you’ll see that they follow a very simple pattern. In fact, in my experience, all the suits filed by any given company against my clients have looked almost exactly the same, with only the numbers changed. This isn’t rocket science. They do it because they learn how to say what they want to say, and they do it again and again. Makes sense, right?

The flip side of that, though, is that once you have seen a response you’ll know exactly what to say.

Where to Look for information

Every court has clerks, and these days almost all the courts also have computer records of every case filed in the jurisdiction. You can ask a clerk to direct you to that computer. Once there, you do a simple search: “name of the company suing you.” There may be hundreds of entries brought up by this search, and if you go to the files you will see that almost every one begins with a petition that looks remarkably like yours. But wait. You want to see the response- that is what tells you what to do. And for this, you’re going to want the pages that are sometimes called the “docket sheets” and sometimes called the “case histories” of a few of the cases you have located. Or perhaps you can glean the information directly from the table of contents for the case.

Find a Case Like Yours Where the Defendant Had a Lawyer

In any event, you want the cases in which the party being sued is represented by a lawyer. You will note that this is almost always the case when the case history is more than a few lines long. Specifically, you want to find an Answer filed by the lawyer. This will be noted in the computer. Go to the physical file, which in most cases will be located very close to the clerk’s office or the judge who is hearing your case. You have a right to inspect the file, so ask to see it. Read the Answer. See how easy it would be to copy or imitate? But always look up a couple of cases so you can compare the Answers you see, since one of them might make a lot more sense to you than the others.

You Might Be Able to Do This over the Internet

If your jurisdiction is computerized, you may be able to do the computer part of search from home. These cases are not scanned into the files, though so you’re going to have to go to the court to find the physical files. If your jurisdiction is not computerized, the process is going to take a little longer. Then you go to the clerk and ask to be pointed to the physical files of the parties being sued by the company that is suing you. Because of the tendency of debt collectors to file large numbers of suits at the same time, though, these files will likely be together in the file cabinets. You look at the files-each one will have a docket sheet that will have the information I have mentioned on it already. The whole process may take a couple of hours.

If You Need to File or Respond to a Motion

Motions would be more difficult if almost all debt cases were not the same. Since they are, however, you will see that the motions filed in almost all the debt cases are nearly identical. And this is likely to be true even when the company suing you is not involved with the motion and it is some other debt collector. That is because legal parties tend to put everything available into their motions, and plaintiffs and defendants borrow freely from each other. Also, the debt collection attorneys tend to represent several different collectors.

Go back to the computer, look up cases involving the company suing you. Notice what the cases are called: “Petition on a Debt,” “Company XYZ, Assignee, vs. Some Guy,” etc. If you can’t find the motion you’re looking for in a case brought by the company suing you, you will need to find one in another debt collection case. You’ll find this by getting a specific court’s docket sheet (schedule of cases to be heard) for a particular day. Then look up cases that sound like the one the company brought against you. You will recognize them by their names and by the fact that many cases will have been filed by the same company at the same time.

Look in the cases involving your counter-party. Look at the docket sheets for individual cases. In cases defended by lawyers, you will probably see note of a motion just like the one you want to bring. “Motion to Dismiss,” “Motion to Compel Production,” “Motion for Summary Judgment.” Again, it is the uniformity of action that is your friend here. If you are needing to file a motion to compel, that is probably because the debt collector routinely does not respond to discovery requests (your requests for information). They probably do this because they never have the information, and lawyers representing their defendant clients have wanted to prove this. So they will have filed the motion you want to file. Find it. Get it, copy it.

A Caution

You will want to use some care about copying motions. It isn’t a question of whether you can copy or not. The courts expect parties to do this all the time-the courts actually like it because they can think through a set of facts and law once and apply their conclusions to all the cases. No, what you want to do, though, is make sure that you make arguments that are appropriate to your case. Don’t ask the court to force the party suing you to give you information you haven’t requested, and don’t ask the court to dismiss claims that were not brought against you. You might be surprised how often this happens, and it does not take many of them to change the way the judge listens to you. In a bad way.

So make sure that what you’re using applies to your actual situation, but then copy away. You don’t need to tell the court where you got what you’re saying, but…if the docket sheet shows that the judge granted the motion for someone else, you will probably want to point that out to the court. Remember that judges like to do the same thing each time for the same set of facts (to be fair and consistent); they also probably do not mind saving themselves the trouble of thinking through everything twice. So tell the court if a judge has already granted your motion for someone else.

Library Research

There may be times when you will need to do some research beyond the things already filed in your court. For help in that situation, please read my article entitled, “Sued by Debt Collectors: How to Do Legal Research in the Library.”

How To Save On Legal Fees Without Compromising On Quality

Posted on February 5, 2019 in Uncategorized

Everyone would like to cut expenses, but for many couples going through a divorce, they just keep piling up, especially legal fees. Surprisingly, the experienced attorney with the higher hourly rate may not be the most expensive. When you hire an experienced divorce attorney, he or she will be able to identify the critical issues in your case, set reasonable expectations for the eventual outcome, have the skills to represent you in court, and be able to guide you on where to invest your legal dollars. He or she will have a large database of documents drafted in similar cases to draw upon and customize to fit your needs, saving you time and money. These advantages will likely to save you money over a less experienced attorney.

So where can you find some savings without sacrificing quality?

Since a client is billed based on the time a lawyer spends on their case, anything the client does to cut down on that time will save money. With that in mind, here are some suggestions on how you can reduce lawyer time spent on your case and save on your legal fees:

1. Most people hiring a divorce attorney will be asked to provide their lawyer with copies of their complete financial history, sometimes going back several years. This typically includes copies of all bank records, tax returns, brokerage records, deeds, titles, etc. This can be a very large task, but it is a great way for clients to cut costs by doing the organizing work themselves.

For instance, Client #1, who comes in with a grocery bag full of unsorted papers in response to this request. That client will be paying for the time it takes for an associate or paralegal to sort through and organize those documents, and then have them copied or scanned. If pages are missing, Client #1 may have to pay for the firm to get copies directly from banks and other institutions to fill in missing information. This exercise will take hours of legal work and cost hundreds of poorly spent dollars for Client #1.

Now compare Client #1 to Client #2, who carefully assembles her documents and has them scanned onto a storage device or provides us with neatly indexed and organized binders containing all of the documents requested in chronological order, including both a copy for our firm and one for the opposing counsel. This makes it easy for the lawyer to look over the documents, identify any issues, and then serve the documents on the other attorney. Most importantly, this saves hours of legal work for the attorney and staff. Client #2’s efforts can save her hundreds of dollars, and she earns the gratitude of her lawyer and her staff as a bonus!

2. I long ago lost count of the number of times a client has told me that their future ex-spouse has refused to discuss and issue and told them to have her lawyer take it up with his lawyer. That should never be the approach for dealing with day-to-day issues, which ideally should not involve the lawyers. It is almost always a waste of your money to have your attorney take the time to address minor matters that have no enduring benefit to you or your case. Since saving money is likely a common goal you share with your future ex-spouse, I encourage my clients to try to find a method to handle these issues outside of involving the attorney.

What if your ex will not cooperate? Try to stay focused on the benefits and the costs when deciding whether to ask your lawyer to intervene. For instance, if the issue involves a needed repair in the home, and the cost is $300, should you involve your lawyer, who will involve your spouse’s lawyer, at a likely combined expense that is greater then the cost of the needed repair? Some clients will want to do just that, perhaps in the hope that doing it once will encourage the intransigent spouse to cooperate next time, while others will prefer to make the repair and ask for a credit or offset later. Do what is best for you, but don’t lose sight of the costs and ultimate benefit. The fact is it is never wise to spend hundreds of dollars on an issue with little end reward. Spend your money where it counts.

3. Meeting deadlines is another area where money can be saved. Each missed deadline will have a consequence, from minor to major, and a corresponding expense. While missing some deadlines may be unavoidable, others can be avoided, as can the corresponding expense.

Make no mistake that the client who routinely needs reminders of deadlines, or who needs to be prodded to bring in requested documents, will pay more in legal fees. These delays may require the attorney to take the time to call the client, send out reminder letters, and arrange for extensions of time with the court or opposing counsel. The expenses may be more significant where the client’s failure to meet deadlines despite repeated warnings from the court and lawyers, leading to costly court motions with significant legal consequences.

These legal fees can be saved just by meeting deadlines. As a bonus, your attorney will appreciate having a cooperative client who is on top of their case.

4. During your divorce you may have complaints about the behavior of your future ex, his lawyer, the courts, and the system. Your complaints may be valid, but they will have no legal or practical solution short of bringing your case to its conclusion and getting you divorced. Avoid calling your lawyer when these issues come up unless you want to pay for her to just listen to the complaint. Call someone who will not charge you for the time it takes to hear your complaint!

There are undoubtedly many ways to save money on legal fees that are not included here. As a rule, anything you can do to minimize the time spent on your case by your lawyer will save you money. Your lawyer should be able to identify areas where you can save without sacrificing the quality of services provided. If he or she does have other suggestions on how you can save money, please post them here as a comment and share them with our readers. The advice will be much appreciated!


Top 5 Urban Survival Hints Outside

Posted on January 18, 2019 in Uncategorized

“He who runs away lives to run another day.”This is the basic rule of urban survival. But to be able to cope with any emergency situation, survival skills are extremely essential. And in order to survive, advance preparation is mandatory.

Here are the top 5 urban survival hints and tips that everyone should be aware of:

1. Be prepared and ready at all times.

Part of urban survival preparation is having your survival kit ready and complete. It should contain all the basic needs for survival such as multi-purpose tools, medical supplies, and fire starters.

It is also highly recommended to remain physically and mentally fit. No matter what happens, have a presence of mind and never panic. It will help a lot if you have a sound knowledge of your area. So be alert and vigilant.

2. Stay hydrated as much as possible.

Weakness and death are a result of dehydration. One’s ability to find a source of drinking water is an important part of survival. Whenever you have the chance, drink plenty of water. If there is a shortage in water supply, limit your food intake as well.

Carrying some water purifying tablets is handy. But as much as possible, do not drink or use contaminated water. Better yet, boil your water before using to kill off any harmful bacteria.

3. Know how to find or create your temporary shelter.

Natural shelters are uninhabited caves, massive tree trunk, big rock or cliff. They can be found in many parts of the wilderness. If there’s none, you must have the ability to build one. Vacant and abandoned and covered alley ways are also great temporary shelters. Just make sure that they are safe to occupy and can protect you especially at nighttime.

4. Learn how to defend yourself from attackers.

Acquiring basic self-defense skills are another vital aspect of survival. Taking classes in this regard is highly recommended. Always look for legal and practical weapons like walking canes, knives, glass bottles, pepper sprays and stun guns. Carry any of these with you for added protection.

5. Learn how to perform first aid medication

Learning basic first aid and keeping a kit in sight greatly helps in saving lives. In case you or your companions get injured, you are capable of applying first aid. Contact your local health organizations such as FEMA, Red Cross, and nearby parish churches. These groups offer free training on first aid medication.

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